A census agent is tasked with tracking down the census-dodging (Dr.?) Derrick Decoupage. She finds him helping lonely, lost people as a motivational speaker, but also finds that the government’s interest in him has to do with more than his missing paperwork. Decoupage is a tragicomedy about conscience, politics, and manipulation. It’s also an absurd adventure that could only take place in New York City.


In Orphica, a family already devastated by tragedy grows further apart when Liam, 18, retreats into his head. His older brother Lawrence suspects that it goes deeper than angst. Liam dug up an old book and has become obsessed with it - an out-of-print epic poem about a gorgeous, enigmatic character named Despina. The book’s last owner warns Lawrence: It’s not the book. It’s the woman. But that’s crazy, right? 

Dark fantasy and tense family drama come together as the Fusco family faces the perfect storm of instability, delusion, and palpable danger. Orphica is a crackling slow burn that is suspenseful, shocking, funny, and in the midst of it all, uplifting.


Inspired by the scandal that landed Senator Leland Yee behind bars, this film combines the excitement of an original crime narrative with real and relevant political intrigue.
Names have been changed: The news has broken of the arrest of "Linden Yu." Caroline Edwards, our efficient and stoic lead, is doing what she does best - damage control. But just who is she working for? San Francisco Mayor "Fred Lee" has little to say about the corruption charges. Could he be hiding something?